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Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Automotive Paint Training


Technology / Product

1. What is the difference between water-based and waterborne automotive basecoats?

2. How many toners are in the Pro-Spray® H2O Waterborne Automotive Paint System?

3. Pro-Spray Automotive Finishes is a European technology paint line; in what sizes are the toners available?

4. How complete is the waterborne color palette? How many vehicle color formulas are available?

5. Is waterborne basecoat flammable?

6. Are waterborne automotive paints zero VOC?

7. What is the shelf life of Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat?


1. Does my body shop need to purchase special drying equipment for waterborne automotive paint?

2. What kind of spray gun should I use to apply Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat?

3. Do I need special mixing equipment for Pro-Spray H20 Waterborne Basecoat?

4. Do I need a special gun washer?

5. What other equipment do I need?


1. Does waterborne automotive paint require special vehicle preparation?

2. What should I use to mask my vehicle before painting?


1. Do I need special mixing equipment for Pro-Spray H20 Waterborne Basecoat?

2. Do I need to agitate or shake these toners?

3. Can I put products on a paint shaker for better agitation?

4. Why do some paint systems require you to agitate toners?

5. What is the mixing ratio for Pro-Spray H2O?

6. Are Pro-Spray H2O Thinners available in multiple speeds?

7. Can I use tap water to thin waterborne basecoat?

8. Can I mix waterborne color in a metal container?


Important note: Please refer to Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat Technical Data Sheets and the Pro-Spray H2O Instructional Guide to Converting to Waterborne Basecoat for detailed instructions.

1. Can I use my solvent spray gun to spray waterborne paint?

2. What type of gloves should I wear?

3. Do I need to test the color match before spraying?

4. What are the spray techniques?

5. How many coats of color should I apply?

6. What are the dry times for Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat?

7. Can I “blend” waterborne basecoat color?

8. Do I have to wear personal protective equipment while spraying waterborne paint?

Clean-up and Storage

1. Can I leave Pro-Spray H20 Thinner in my spray gun?

2. Can I pour remaining waterborne paint down the drain?

Converting to Waterborne

1. How do I convert to waterborne paint?

2. How long will it take my body shop / collision repair shop to convert and return to normal production levels?

3. What is the cost of an average pint of color?

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