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 Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Automotive Paint
Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Automotive Paint.

Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat System.H2O Waterborne Automotive Paint, by Pro-Spray® Automotive Finishes fuses the art of color with the power of water to provide you with the ultimate in waterborne refinishing technology and value. Our Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat is part of a fully compliant, stand alone, compact waterborne basecoat color system designed for vehicle refinishing. H2O’s premium European formulation and technology delivers solid, metallic, pearl and xirallic basecoat colors that are easy to use and simple to blend, while providing excellent color match and metallic orientation. Pro-Spray H2O Basecoats have higher pigment concentrations. The color is true, and the coverage is amazing. What’s more, no special mix bank equipment is needed; simply shake and pour.

  • 70 shake-and-pour toners
  • Amazing coverage and fast drying
  • Superior metallic control
  • Full line of Low VOC primers and clearcoats
  • Waterborne conversion training available
  • Excellent blending and color match
  • Proven waterborne system


Pro-Spray H2O consists of 70 pigment rich, shake-and-pour toners. Click here for a complete list.


Pro-Spray H2O Toners are mixed with Binders and Controllers to create Pro-Spray Waterborne colors. Click here for a complete list.


Pro-Spray H20 Waterborne Basecoat offers repair versatility and control with two speeds of thinners: normal and fast. Click here for a complete list of thinners and additives.


Pro-Spray offers storage cabinets, pouring spouts, air amplifiers and more. Click here for a complete list of available equipment.


The Pro-Spray Color Software is an essential tool in mixing colors for collision repair. This dynamic new program was designed to provide real-time formulas and helpful shop tools.

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